Just What is WaterIce?

(as pronounced by Northerners, “wooder-ice”)

WaterIce is a water-based, non-dairy, fat and cholesterol free, frozen delicacy of many flavors,

all with a rich, creamy smooth texture that is often mistaken for ice cream or sherbet.

WaterIce is produced in a central plant with customized machinery.


What is the History of WhatsWaterIce of the Carolinas LLC?

From that mid-August day in 1997 when Eric and Debra Brooks went to that

little league football game in South Carolina, the idea of WhatsWaterIce of the Carolinas was born.

In August of 2006, they officially began the business.

After many years of research, developing business plans, and talking to anyone

who would listen to their idea of bringing WaterIce to the area,

they were able to bring samples of WaterIce to the Carolinas.

The response has been, and is, outstanding.



Check listing of daily flavors.

Lemon, Cherry, Chocolate, Mokaccino *, Watermelon, Lemon-Lime, Stars & Stripes **,

Strawberry-Vanilla, Orange & Vanilla, Mango, Panther ****, Strawberry, Pina Colada,

Cotton Candy, Strawberry-Kiwi, Vanilla, Coconut, Banana, Sugar-Free Lemon,

Sugar-Free Cherry, Black Cherry, Charlotte Knight *****, Grape, Strawberry-Banana,

Sour Apple, Root Beer Float****** Ragin’ Red Raspberry, Lemon Iced Tea


* cocoa & coffee     ** a swirl of cherry, lemon, & blue raspberry 

****blue raspberry     *****a swirl of lemon, lemon lime & blue raspberry

****** a swirl of vanilla & root beer



Certified produced and manufactured under Rabbinical Kosher supervision.

The plant is Kosher pareve  except Chocolate, Orange & Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip,

Root Beer Float, and Mokaccino which are Kosher Dairy.  Certified through  June 2, 2015.


Per 4-ounce serving

averages: 100 calories, 26 carb. grams, and .34 protein grams;

for all flavors except sugar-free.

However, no fat, no dairy, and no cholesterol!

General Ingredients: Some flavors include, but are not limited to - water, sugar, natural and artificial flavorings,

Blue #1, Yellow #5 & #6 colorings; citric acid, corn syrup solid, soybean oil, sodium casseinate, lecithin, and fructose.

Sugar-free flavors include sorbitol, malto dextrin, glycerine, and aspartame.





WaterIce is served using an ice cream scoop

and placed in cups of various sizes.



for parties of 100 or more...

We are available year-round!  Book your event with us - today!

Minimally, advance notice of  ten (10) calendar days is best.



We are currently a mobile operation; taking the product

to the people, wherever we are invited.

*Our participation in outdoor venues is, sometimes, weather permitting-

clear skies, outdoor temperatures well above 70 degrees Fahrenheit,

and little to/no winds.


Visit this site often for updated events!

Eric and Debra Brooks, Owners

Insured and Bonded

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